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Medical Laboratories - Central West

Medical Laboratories provide blood testing, X-rays and other diagnostic services. If your doctor or health care professional has given you a requisition for a test at a medical laboratory, the following list may help you find a laboratory in your neighbourhood.

These services serve all or part of Central West
Dynacare - Bolton  
Goodfellow Medical Building, 170 McEwan Dr E, Suite 102, Bolton, ON  L7E 4C8
905-857-3886 Add to Clipboard
Dynacare - Brampton - 164 Queen St E  
164 Queen St E Ste 108, Brampton, ON  L6V 1B4
905-457-1416 Add to Clipboard
Dynacare - Brampton - Cottrelle Blvd  
10 Cottrelle Blvd, Suite 108, Brampton, ON  L6S 0E2
905-794-2227 Add to Clipboard
Dynacare - Brampton - Mississauga Rd  
9525 Mississauga Rd, Unit 8, 9, Brampton, ON  L6X 0Z8
905-457-8313 Add to Clipboard
Dynacare - Etobicoke - Abion Rd  
1525 Albion Rd, Unit 101, Etobicoke, ON  M9V 5G5
416-747-1214 Add to Clipboard
Dynacare - Etobicoke - Humber College Blvd  
100 Humber College Blvd, Suite 105, Etobicoke, ON  M9V 5G4
416-746-6209 Add to Clipboard
Dynacare - Etobicoke - Kipling Ave  
1735 Kipling Ave, Unit 215, Etobicoke, ON  M9R 2Y8
416-244-0076 Add to Clipboard
Dynacare - Head Office, Brampton  
115 Midair Court, Brampton, ON  L6T 5M3
1-800-565-5721 Add to Clipboard
Dynacare - Mississauga - Goreway  
Malton Medical Centre, 7330 Goreway Dr, Mississauga, ON  L4T 4J2
905-677-2404 Add to Clipboard
Family Medicine and Urgent Care Clinic  
Walmart Supercentre, 15 Resolution Dr, Brampton, ON  L6W 0A6
289-298-5474 Add to Clipboard
LifeLabs-Brampton - Bramalea Road  
9780 Bramalea Rd, Suite 405, Brampton, ON  L6S 2P1
1-877-849-3637 Add to Clipboard
LifeLabs-Brampton - Dewside Drive  
2 Dewside Dr, Suite 201A, Brampton, ON  L6R 0X5
1-877-849-3637 Add to Clipboard
LifeLabs-Brampton - Finchgate Blvd  
40 Finchgate Blvd, Basement, Brampton, ON  L6T 3J1
1-877-849-3637 Add to Clipboard
LifeLabs-Brampton - Kennedy Road  
10425 Kennedy Rd N, Unit 105, Brampton, ON  L6Z 0A4
1-877-849-3637 Add to Clipboard
LifeLabs-Brampton - Kensington Road  
18 Kensington Rd, Brampton, ON  L6T 4S5
1-877-849-3637 Add to Clipboard
LifeLabs-Brampton - Pertosa Drive  
100 Pertosa Dr, Unit 206, Brampton, ON  L6X 0H9
1-877-849-3637 Add to Clipboard
LifeLabs-Brampton - Vodden Street  
Vodden Medical Arts Building, 36 Vodden St E, Unit 200, Brampton, ON  L6V 4H4
1-877-849-3637 Add to Clipboard
LifeLabs-Etobicoke - Head Office  
Head office, 100 International Blvd, Etobicoke, ON  M9W 6J6
416-675-4530 Add to Clipboard
LifeLabs-Etobicoke - Humber College Blvd  
115 Humber College Blvd, Suite 630, Etobicoke, ON  M9V 1R8
1-877-849-3637 Add to Clipboard
LifeLabs-Mississauga - Derry Road  
3530 Derry Rd E, Unit 208, Mississauga, ON  L4T 4E3
1-877-849-3637 Add to Clipboard
Fairground Shopping Centre, 95 First St, Orangeville, ON  L9W 2E8
1-877-849-3637 Add to Clipboard
Mel Lloyd Health Centre, 167 Centre St, Suite 4, Shelburne, ON  L0N 1S4
1-877-849-3637 Add to Clipboard
LifeLabs-Woodbridge - Islington Ave  
8077 Islington Ave Suite 108, Woodbridge, ON  L4L 7X7
1-877-849-3637 Add to Clipboard

These services are located outside of Central West, but provide service to Central West.
Assessmed - Medical Assessments and Physicals  
4 Lansing Sq, Suite 205, Toronto, ON  M2J 5A2
905-678-2924 Add to Clipboard
College of Medical Laboratory Technologists of Ontario (The)  
25 Adelaide St E, Suite 2100, Toronto, ON  M5C 3A1
416-861-9605 Add to Clipboard

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